FScope-500k DIY OsCILlOsCOPE

Combine the FSCOPE-500K with a Raspberry Pi Pico or Pico W* and the Scoppy Android app* to create a 500kS/s oscilloscope.

Simply solder a Pico (or Pico W) to the board together with 0.1" header pins and the supplied trimmer capacitors and you have a 500kS/s oscilloscope.

The FSCOPE-500K is also available fully assembled. See the DSO-500K product page for more information.

Features and Specifications

More Information and Assembly Instructions

The assembled FSCOPE-500K board (with optional BNC connectors) connected to an inexpensive Android device (Nokia 2.1) running the Scoppy App


The FSCOPE-500K can be purchased at our Elecrow Store

What's included?

Please note that the Raspberry Pi Pico, Android device, headers pins and sockets, BNC connectors and scope probes are NOT included

Some soldering is required. Please see the assembly instructions.

The FSCOPE-500K can be purchased from Elecrow and Vokolo (Czech Republic)

Available now at our Elecrow store

What You'll Need

Please Note


Assembled FSCOPE-500K with Pico W soldered directly to the board

Assembled FSCOPE-500K (with optional BNC connectors) and the Scoppy Android app


Do I need oscilloscope probes to use the FSCOPE-500K?

No. You can use dupont wires if you don't have probes.

Is the FSCOPE-500K suitable for use in the classroom as part of a STEM curriculum?

Yes, the FSCOPE-500K has been specifically designed to work with low voltage circuits typically used in STEM education. Once assembled, the FSCOPE-500K has many of the features of a benchtop oscilloscope but at a fraction of the price (eg. FFT, X-Y mode, cursors). When used with a Pico W, the Wi-Fi capabilities of the FSCOPE-500K allow the oscilloscope to be controlled from the Android device without a physical connection. For pricing of classroom sets of more than 20 boards please contact us at store@fhdm.xyz

For a full assembled alternative to the FSCOPE-500K, see the DSO-500K product page.