The DSO-500K-20V is an affordable 2-Channel 500kS/s oscilloscope with Wi-Fi and USB* powered by a Rasperry Pi Pico W, and the highly rated Scoppy Android app and Pico W firmware.

Maximum input voltage range of +/- 20V.

For a lower voltage oscilloscope see the DSO-500K-6V product page.


Features and Specifications

  • Up to 500kS/s sample rate (250kS/s with both channels enabled)

  • Record length: 2048 samples per channel in RUN mode, 100kS total for single shot captures

  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ / 22pF

  • Maximum Input voltage range: +/- 20V

  • Coupling: AC/DC

  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi*

  • Display Modes: YT, FFT, FFT+YT, X-Y, X-Y+YT

  • Trigger Types: Rising edge/falling edge

  • Trigger Modes: Auto/Normal (Run Mode + Single captures)

  • Cursors: YT and FFT horizontal and vertical cursors

  • On-screen measurements: Vmin, Vmax, Vpp, Frequency, Period, Duty

  • Snapshot measurements (screen or sample record): Mean, DC RMS, AC RMS

  • Export data format: CSV

  • Access to all pins of the Raspberry Pi Pico

  • Signals can be input via 0.1” header pins or BNC connectors*

  • Signal generator - square wave up to 1.25MHz, sine wave - 1kHz

  • AC and DC coupling of the input signals

  • Indicator LEDs: Status, Wi-Fi and Trigger

  • FFT Window functions: Hann, Hamming, Blackman, Rectangle

  • FFT Vertical units: dBm, dBmV, V

  • Logic Analyser: 25MS/s (requires soldering extra headers to the board - not supplied). No protocol decoding as yet.

  • Requires an Android device with the Scoppy app installed

  • See the Scoppy project on GitHub for the features of the Scoppy oscilloscope firmware and Android app

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$29 plus shipping


North America, Australia, New Zealand and Asia: $9

UK and Europe: $12.00

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Sorry but the DSO-500K-20V is not yet available. If you would like to be notified when the DSO-500K-20V is in stock then please email us at store@fhdm.xyz

Please Note

*Requires an Android device with the Scoppy app installed

*Android device and scope probes are NOT included

*Use of both channels and Wi-Fi requires the premium version of the Scoppy Android app (approx US$2 in-app purchase)


The DSO-500K-20V

DSO-500K-20V and the Scoppy Android app